Your ears are in safe hands.

Ear Wax Removal in Cheshire is an independent, locally-based clinician, providing personal attention and a professional service backed by many years of experience in primary healthcare.

Ear wax is part of our natural immune system but, if your body produces too much wax it can impact your hearing. 

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Our methods

We are qualified in all 3 methods of wax removal:


 is considered the most convenient, clean, and comfortable method as it requires no pre-treatment and it can be performed the same day, and once the wax has been removed, no aftercare is required.

Water Irrigation

 is a traditional method, often referred to as syringing, however, it requires the use of medical grade Olive Oil being inserted into the ear canal 2-3 days prior to irrigation, to soften the wax.


this can be used if the wax is close to the entrance of the ear canal. Fine precision instruments gently remove the wax from the ear canal where other options of removal are not suitable.

 What should I expect?

All methods take approximately 30 minutes and includes an ear health assessment and examination.


We offer the latest medical video technology so you can see the ear canal for yourself, before and after wax removal. 


Any aftercare advice is also provided, as necessary.

Costs in clinic:

Both ears £80

One ear £50

 Consultation without wax removal £30 

Mobile appointments are available,
and costs can be provided on request.

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Contact us:

Pam Ward

RGN, DipHE Community Health
A member of the British Society of Audiology (The BSA)


Tel : 0740 281 3215

Email:  [email protected]


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